Shipman ENT: Your Local ENT Doctor in Bryan and College Station Texas

Trusted experience cutting edge solutions.

Trusted by generations of patients, Shipman ENT offers cutting edge technology in all areas of ENT practices. We offer state wide coverage and beyond, and accept most major insurance plans.

Our services include but are not limited to: Allergy testing, total medicine, holistic medicine approach, hormonal therapies, hearing aids, ENT, sleep apnea with home studies, CPAP parts, bio-identical therapy, and much more.

We are a patient centric practice that puts the patient first, with a comfortable "like home" environment. We receive new patients every week that make Shipman ENT their choice. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.


Ear Nose Throat

Shipman ENT can treat a variety of conditions. ENT services include diagnostics, treatment for sleep apnea and other sleep disorders, and much more.

Sleeping Disorders

At Shipman ENT, we know that sleeping well may be the best way to improve your life. We offer physician supervised sleep care solutions for everyone.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone levels decline as we age. Dr. Shipman offers bioidentical hormone therapy to put an end to your suffering caused by stress induced adrenal fatigue.


When allergies and sinus problems control your life, you can feel miserable. Thankfully Dr. Shipman can help. With state-of-the-art sinus and allergy care.

Verfied Patient Reviews

Jan S

Dr. Shipman is an amazing ENT, the best in Bryan-College Station! He has been my treating physician for forty years, since I was eleven. My husband and girls visit him as well! Best care ever, especially living in the area that whereeverything I am allergic to blows through.

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Sherry P.

Dr. Shipman is a rare doctor who goes above and beyond taking time with his patients, giving information, listening, asking questions, getting to know your problem. He is amazing and has helped me greatly. I recommend him to everyone who wants complete and thorough answers!

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Palcye W

Dr. Shipman is confident and very knowledgeable. I was extremely impressed. No doctor I have been too took the time to explain everything to me and had literate to backup his information. He gave you detailed information on how to take the medication in two steps and gave you symptoms to notify them if they occur and the telephone number was handed for your convenience. Total Service Package was excellent!

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Terry G.

Both employees were amazing and felt so welcomed and taken care of...... The coffee served formally was really cool and made to feel comfortable..... Tyler and Amber were amazing, so knowledgeable and caring! The Doctor was so kind and informative and frankly it is refreshing to have an age mature doc caring for me........he has the years to diagnose properly and his military service is appreciated ...... You guys rock! Blessings Terry G.

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Sharon S.

If Dr. Shipman ever retires..... I just don't know what I will do! Out of MANY Dr's I've seen, he is the ONLY one that has managed to balance my thyroid and keep it balanced! I just would not trust any other Doc to do that. He also treats me for my sinus infections. I luv Dr. Shipman and I highly recommend him for any ENT issues!

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Why select Shipman ENT?

Cutting Edge Technology

Offering cutting edge technology in all areas of ENT practices.

We accept most major insurance

Most major health insurance policies are accepted.

New patients every week, still accepting new patients.

We are a patient centric practice that puts the patient first.

Trusted by generations of patients.

Family's trust and rely upon our experience for their generation, and the next.

Patients worldwide

State wide coverage, farthest continental patient comes from Alaska; farthest worldwide patient comes from Japan.

Patient centric practice

Staff trained to put the patient first, treated as guests like at home, offer water, coffee, comfortable office environment, not rushed by the doctor.

Shipman ENT doesn’t just use lab results

We utilize a detailed questionnaire that includes external life factors, and other information to determine the best solution for you.

The most comprehensive ENT services

Allergy Testing, Total Medicine, Holistic Medicine Approach, Hormonal Therapies, Hearing Aids, ENT, sleep apnea with home studies, Cpap parts, BioIdenticle Hormone Therapy, and more.