Choose Life With Shipman Wellness

Every day each of us is faced with many choices. Our desire is to always make the correct choice. The reason that we want to make the correct choice is that each choice we make has consequences. These consequences can be Excellent, Good, Bad or Terrible. Making the “Choose Life” means many things. It means you are choosing to take your health seriously.

It, also, means major lifestyle changes must occur in order to provide a long and healthy life.



The following videos are simply inspirational suggestions to watch and learn about how and why we believe in choosing to empower you life.

Dr. Michael Greger: "How Not To Die" | Talks at Google

Dr. Mercola & Dr. Greger on How Not To Die

(Full Interview)

Uprooting the leading causes of death

Plant-strong & healthy living: 

Rip Esselstyn at TEDxFremont