Sleep Disorders Overview

Not having a full nights rest? Do you often feel fatigued during the day? Do you snore? You may be suffering from a sleep disorder and not realize it. Snoring alone does not mean that a person has sleep apnea. However, most patients with sleep apnea usually do have loud snoring accompanying their condition. Dr. Shipman can help determine if you are suffering from a sleep disorder, including Sleep Apnea, and provide solutions for treatment.


Snoring or Sleep Apnea?


At Shipman ENT & Associates, we know that sleeping well may be the best way to improve your life. That is why we offer physician-supervised sleep care to help determine what’s keeping you from truly restful slumber.

If you sleep poorly, snore, have morning headaches, are fatigued or are excessively sleepy during the day, you could have a sleep disorder. While that can leave you tired and irritable, there are other consequences. For example, these could be strained relationships, poor performance at work or school, and mood problems. Other serious health issues like high blood pressure and heart disease, erectile dysfunction and injury or death could result. These are consequences that can also affect your family and loved ones.

If it is determined that you need a sleep study, it will be conducted in a nearby facility. You’ll rest easy in a clean, comfortable room in a hospital setting, complete with cable TV to help you feel at home. In some cases, a home sleep study could be another option.

Remember, snoring may mean obstructed breathing, and obstruction can be serious. Rest assured in knowing there is hope in correcting these problems.

How Serious is your snoring?

Take a look at Dr. Shipman's video to learn more about snoring. You are welcome to download our brochure on Sleep Apnea for further reading.


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